Friday, 25 September 2015

CONSTITUTION of the Defenders of Talossan Republicanism

LA CONSTITUZIUN dels Zefençadéirs del Repúblicanismeu Talossán

as adopted by the 4rd Convention of the refounded ZRT, Maricopa Province, Setemvár XXXVI/2015

1. Els Zefençadéirs del Repúblicanismeu Talossán (ZRT), or in English, "the Defenders of Talossan Republicanism", is a group of citizens of the Kingdom of Talossa who support an eventual Republican form of government for Talossa, with an elected head of state. As transitional steps towards this goal, the ZRT supports political and cultural reforms for greater democracy in Talossa and the reduction of the King's influence. The ZRT promotes discussion and activity towards these goals.

2. A Member of the ZRT is anyone who agrees with section 1 of the Constitution above, registers as such with the Secretary-Convenor and agrees to abide by the Constitution of the ZRT. The Secretary-Convenor may suspend Members until the next Convention, on presentation of evidence of their no longer fulfilling the above requirements.

3. Nothing in this Constitution shall abridge the right of all Members to publicly and privately organise and agitate for changes to the Constitution, policies or leadership of the ZRT, given that such organisation does not otherwise violate the Constitution.

4. The ZRT supports the Free Democrats of Talossa political party, and encourages all Members to join, become active for and vote for that political party. However, all Talossans who fulfil the provisions of section 2 of this Constitution are eligible to be Members, regardless of their political affiliation.

5. The ruling body of the ZRT is the General Meeting. The general meeting shall be called together at least once in every calendar year. It may be called by the Secretary-Convenor or by a petition of at least one-third of group members. The General Meeting shall be composed of all ZRT members and any non-voting guests as the Secretary-Convenor chooses to invite, and shall be chaired by the outgoing Secretary-Convenor.

6. The General Meeting may amend this Constitution by simple majority vote. It may expel members from the ZRT on a 2/3 majority on presentation of evidence of violation of their obligations under this Constitution, or of their ceasing to qualify as Members under the provisions of section 1 of this Constitution, effective as of the end of the Convention.

7. The Convention shall elect a Secretary-Convenor by preferential vote, choosing a non-candidate in the election to administer this vote.

8. The job of the Secretary-Convenor shall be as follows:
  1. a) S/he shall be in charge of organisation of the ZRT. S/he shall keep a roll of current members and administer the group's publications and discussion forums.
  2. b) S/he shall organise discussions within the ZRT, including on changes to this Constitution or other documents adopted by the group.
  3. c) If necessary, s/he shall present reports for debate, amendment and ratification by the membership to the General Meeting.

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